Eight holidays spots to inspire your home

By Esther Cronin, Designer at Tailored Building Solutions


It’s pretty set in stone at this point that travel is off the cards until at least 2022. Even if someone does have a vaccine in stage 4 of clinical trials, that’s at least two years away from being put into play. Basically we’re stuck here for the foreseeable future. While this might sound like a prison sentence, let’s just take a breath in, and practice a moment of gratitude for the place that we are quarantined in. The beautiful, lush, and almost Covid-free Aotearoa, we really have nothing to complain about.

Yes, the coastline of Italy does automate the off switch, and the beaches of Bora Bora transport you into total relaxation, but that’s only because we’ve been hard wired to think that the only place to escape the normal stresses of everyday life require a passport to get to. This, of course, is totally untrue. Imagine if that place of total retreat and unwind was the place you returned to every day?

If your adrenals are fatigued and you’re in desperate need of a holiday, turn your attention to your surroundings and the space in which you are set to be for the time being and turn it into the ultimate retreat and solace.

Whether you daydream of Bora Bora, the South of France, Thailand or Fiji, your living space can be transformed with some intelligent design, clever restructuring, and the essence of your dream holiday destination using the know-how of an experienced building and design team.

Tailored Building Solutions has designers, resource consent experts, construction budget engineers and builders all under one roof, which will save you time, money, and the headache of dealing with multiple points of contact in the renovation process. While keeping you informed in an open-book setting, your vision from A-Z will be handled entirely by our team who have been there and done that thousands of times. We know exactly where you should spend and where you should splurge, how to increase the market value of your property. Our priority is the smooth delivery of creating your retreat; because we want you to stress less and start the unwind into your new sanctuary from the moment that you make the call to work with us!

Take a moment now to think about the type of haven that you would fancy spending the next couple of years melting into. What destinations, shapes, colours, scents and design styles stimulate tranquility for you?

Below are some ideas that should trigger your sympathetic nervous systems, and set you in motion to create your dream destination at home:


1. The Greek Islands


2. A Tropical Paradise


3. The French Countryside


4. Mexico


5. A Scandi Wellness Retreat


6. An African Safari


7. The Coast of Italy


8. Bali Zen



All of these looks are completely achievable in any space, and it would be our pleasure to bring your dream destination to you as soon as possible. We can, in fact, get working on your now to be completed before Christmas!

For an obligation free consultation, give Tim a call on 021900027 or email [email protected]

We look forward to hearing about what destinations automate your off switch!