Feasibility Study

Our feasibility study allows us to provide the opportunity to troubleshoot the design and build process so that our clients can avoid hidden costs and unexpected delays. Between architects, council regulations and choosing a builder, the process of building, subdividing or extending can become a little overwhelming. Due to the wealth of knowledge necessary to ensure the process is undertaken professionally and efficiently, it is common for unexpected events to arise costing time and money.

Our Feasibility Study front foots the designer and development related issues by undertaking research into the required process and collecting information from experts related to costings for necessary reporting to support the clients development needs. This gives our clients all the information they need so that they can make an informed decision based on their wants, needs and costs before committing to a project.

It is our Feasibility Study which allows Tailored Building Solutions to provide such accurate and in depth costings for the build. Hidden costs are rarely necessary costs which the builder has chosen not to disclose, but rather common regulatory set backs which weren’t taken into consideration when quoting a project.

We have developed close working relationships with a range of construction related experts to provide valuable advice, studies and reports on various topics, which enables us to provide an informative approach at the beginning of any development, so that our clients have the whole picture from the get go.

At Tailored Building Solutions we use a custom built pricing and measuring system to ensure we can identify all aspects of the design and build. This is reflected in our state of the art reporting system which provides a simple costing sheet for an informative budget or an in-depth ANZSMM (Australian New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement) Report, which is expected by a registered quantity surveyor or high level architect.

Our customised system has been developed over 8 years using collected information from every job we take on through a robust back costing system, ensuring that nothing is missed during the quoting and new build methodology, and that the products are incorporated into the system as they are introduced into the industry, providing the best possible innovative service to our customers.

The feasibility study and our sophisticated system provides a great advantage to our clients, this informative process builds trust between client and builder, allowing us to ensure that their expectations are met and their budget is in safe hands.

Here is an example of a common troublesome process in the design phase which could be avoided with the feasibility study.

Mr & Mrs Smith would like to undertake a large building project on their property. They have contacted an architect who takes their details and initiates necessary preparations to carry out development paperwork. As each problem arises the architect passes these onto the client via a report being required from an expert to aid or adjust the clients developmental needs.

In this case, the drains along the footpath require an upgrade for their build to go ahead (a common request from the council), costing Mr & Mrs Smith an extra $5000 for the necessary drainage design.

This is a common part of the building process when taking a blind approach. Taking advantage of our feasibility study allows our clients to take control of the process with full knowledge and understanding of the process to come, and budgeting for this accordingly.