6 Signs It’s Time To Renovate Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

Outdoor Entertainment Space renovation

Now that the warmer months have arrived, many Kiwis will be excited to haul out the barbecue, set up the outdoor furniture, and pop open the bubbles for their guests. But not everyone will be all that enthused about having friends and family over, especially if their outdoor entertainment spaces are a bit of a shambles!

If you’ve been meaning to get onto a home renovation to upgrade your outdoor living but you’ve been putting it off because it’s not that bad, perhaps this year might be your year. If you’re noticing any of these signs, it might just be time to call in the house renovation specialists.

Sign #1: You’ve got zero privacy

The last thing anyone wants when entertaining their guests outdoors is a nosy neighbour peeping into the backyard. No matter how well-meaning they are, if you’ve got a space that easily makes for more interesting viewing, your neighbours will no doubt make their presence known.

To stop chatty Cathy popping in while you’re trying to relax with a good book or to avoid self-proclaimed barbecue expert Jim inviting himself over to ‘show you how it’s done’, you’ll need to think about how to create some privacy. You could install a higher fence, or plant some strategic shrubbery to ensure your guests have all the privacy they need when you’re entertaining outdoors.

Outdoor Entertainment Space

Sign #2: There’s no protection from the elements

As all Kiwis know, just because it’s summer, that doesn’t mean there’ll be sun all season long. It’s common (especially in Auckland) for the rain to hit when you least expect it, and attempting to gather up all of your outdoor dining accoutrements in a hurry isn’t anyone’s idea of a picnic. 

To keep you covered and ensure you can use your outdoor entertainment area all year, think about installing a louvre system or adding a roof extension to your home. Sun umbrellas are all very well and good until the wind kicks in, so you’ll need something solid to keep you and your guests safe from the elements.

Sign #3: You’ve got limited seating options

There’s nothing quite like playing musical chairs when it comes to entertaining. You pop up to get a second helping, and next thing you know, your Aunt Shirley has settled into your seat for a marathon gossip session. Not having enough seating for your guests is definitely an entertainment no-no, so think about what your options are. 

Sure, you could buy more chairs, but if you don’t have the space or anywhere to store them, you might be creating more of a problem than a solution. How about installing some handy bench seats on your deck or if you really want to impress your guests, build an outdoor bar area complete with gleaming barstools. 

Outdoor Entertainment Space with limited seating

Sign #4: Space is tight

Speaking of having enough space, when was the last time you actually looked at the configuration of your outdoor entertainment areas? Often, we get caught up in buying new furniture to try to make a space work when we really should be digging deeper. 

Can that concrete patio be turned into a wraparound deck? Can that dilapidated veggie garden you tried your hand at once be landscaped into something that’s more usable? You could even complete a kitchen remodel to create more indoor-outdoor flow if you’re lacking in outdoor entertainment space.

This is where you’re going to need to call in the experts. Professional builders and landscapers, like the ones we work with at Tailored Building Solutions, can take one look at your space and instantly recommend ways to give you the outdoor entertainment area of your dreams.

Sign #5: The garden is a bit of a jungle

No matter how architecturally stunning your decking area is, if it’s surrounded by overgrown trees and weeds, it’s not going to be a particularly pleasant place to be. We’re talking mould, pesky insects, and a constant stream of dead leaves that get stuck everywhere.

If you’ve got a bit of a green thumb, you can perhaps tackle your garden yourself, but if you want a truly magical outdoor area that’s perfect for entertaining, getting the opinion of an expert landscaper is essential. They’ll know all about the best low-maintenance greenery you can easily plant for maximum results. 

Outdoor Entertainment Space landscaping

Sign #6: Your space is stuck in the past

We’re not saying your entertainment spaces need to look like the front page of an NZ House & Garden magazine (although if that’s your goal, we’re all for it!) but if you’ve got an area that’s dated and drab, your guests aren’t going to want to hang around. 

Although that might be a relief for some, you want your family and friends to enjoy spending time with you in your beautiful home. Updating your outdoor entertainment area can be as simple as putting on a fresh lick of paint or re-staining your deck to breathe new life into the space. Small changes can make a big difference, but when you’re ready for something a bit more dramatic, you know who to call!

At Tailored Building Solutions, we take pride in being the Auckland building specialists. We get just as excited as you do about creating outdoor living spaces that are a seamless blend of comfort, style, and functionality. We work with landscape architects to ensure that the design matches your lifestyle and the goals you have for your outdoor entertainment space. Whether you’re after a swimming pool oasis or a barbecue haven, we’ve got the solution for you!