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Custom Builds

We work with customers to translate architectural designs into the homes of their dreams. With so many building companies offering a standard prearranged design to choose from, we are excited to build homes that are unique and designed to suit those what will be living in it. Home design trends evolve constantly and we strive to stay at the forefront of our industry with cutting edge design and structures, working with suppliers to pioneer new technologies, products and tools to make your home stand out from the crowd and last forever. Our customer focused approach makes our custom new build service easy and stress free. From conception to completion we are dedicated to working beside you and your architect through the entire process to identify your needs, scope an accurate timeline, track your costs in a transparent budget, and keep strong communication active throughout the entire process. No matter what you or your architect have in mind, we’ll ensure that the necessary time and steps are taken to create the finished product you had envisioned. A new build can be a stressful process, but this is what we are committed to changing in the building industry. We have utilised sophisticated and easy to use apps and practices to ensure that our customers receive clear and concise communication, regular updates and photos, so that our customers can gain the peace of mind in knowing that the job is getting done properly and according to schedule. Our goal is to create stunning homes designed to suit your needs that will last forever, and we aim to exceed all of your expectations.